Blog Tour? Umm….come again?

I’m super excited to announce the finalized dates for my Keeping Kate Blog Tour, which begins January 17th and runs through January 31st, 2015!!

Now, I’m sure many of you are thinking, “What the monkey is a blog tour?” Let me tell you, I have both feet planted firmly in your camp. Come again? A blog what, now? Well, I have just been briefed by my publisher pals, so allow me to clue you in…

A blog tour is essentially a two-week period in which various independent bloggers will be reviewing my book. If they’re interested, they sign up for a specific date and feature my book on their blog on that date. It’s an awesome marketing tool, because 1) it’s FREE, 2) it notifies thousands (potentially hundreds of thousands) of people that Keeping Kate exists, and 3) did I mention, it’s FREE?!

My blog tour website went live a few days ago, and I’m thrilled to say that half of the tour dates have already been claimed by bloggers. I’m really quite relieved about this, since I was expecting to have to show up on said bloggers doorsteps with puppy dog eyes and chocolate chip cookies to convince them to read my book and write about it. Now I just have to show up with puppy dog eyes and chocolate chip cookies to convince them to write positively about it. Wish me luck!

Here’s the link to my blog tour website, just in case you’d like to keep up on the reviews when they’re available. The dates and blog URLs haven’t been updated yet, but will be at some point before the book’s release in January.

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