Catching Lucas Riley Blog Tour

Greetings, peeps! Hope everyone had a super fun holiday season! I managed to get sick … twice. I know, I know. I have hitherto unmatched microbe-attracting prowess. Fear me. Or pity me, I guess. It’s definitely been the roughest start to a new year in recent memory. But guess what?! There is reason to rejoice!

“Why, what possible reason could you have for rejoicing, sick Lauren?” you may ask. Well, because I’m finally resolving something that has really been bugging me for the past year. The fact that I never actually marketed or promoted (other than via Facebook post, which has been wholly insufficient, to say the least) my last book, Catching Lucas Riley.

Because I actually would like some real reviews of the book out there on the interwebs, especially before my next book comes out (three months and counting!), my good friend Mindy Holt has organized a blog tour for Catching Lucas Riley. The tour is scheduled for February 6th-10th. I will be providing information and links for the participating blogs as I get them.

In the meantime, please enjoy this snapshot of the awesome review Catching Lucas Riley got in the Deseret News when the book first came out … because that’s pretty much the only official “media” review in existence thus far. Ahem.


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