Catching Lucas Riley Updates

Hi all! Hope everyone had a fantastic holiday season! I myself am back at the grind like a good little accountant. And I’m trying desperately to be happy about it.

Really, being on this side of the holidays is actually a good thing, because that means we’re that much closer to the release of Catching Lucas Riley! I’m super excited about it. I can’t believe how fast the process has seemed this time around, as compared to Keeping Kate. That seemed to drag on forever…

Catching Lucas Riley went to press on January 7th. So the next step is to get the Advanced Reader’s Edition┬ácopies of the book (which I will be giving away! Yay!), and then all roads lead to Release Day on March 8th!

In the meantime, I am trying to make time to work on my next book…which I’m really excited about, by the way. It’s requiring a lot more research than my past books, but that’s making it even more fun…which is weird.

Stay tuned for further updates and for details on my Advanced Reader’s Edition giveaway!

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