Looky here what I have! So…who wants one? I have two copies, and I’m not allowed to keep them (I’m told they’re for “marketing purposes only”). So I guess that means…GIVEAWAY TIME!! Yaaaaay!!

Uncorrected Proofs for Giveaway
If you’re interested in obtaining one of these (truly, truly beautiful objects, in my clearly unbiased opinion), leave a comment or shoot me a message, and I’ll stick your name in the pot! I will do a drawing next Friday (Halloween) and post the winners.

In the spirit of full disclosure (if the note on the cover wasn’t enough of a clue for you), these are “uncorrected proofs,” meaning that these are copies of the book that haven’t yet gone through the very last stage of the editing process–these are the versions that national reviewers read before the release of the book. Yes, they will possibly have a typo or error here and there. So, lucky winner, you’ll get more of a look at my writing ineptitudes than anybody else. Congratulations.

For those of you on the “I’m not sure I want to participate” fence, think of them more as, say, limited editions than unfinished copies. Yeah…limited editions. Let’s go with that.

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