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5 Up-and-Coming Romance Authors from Utah – These authors are breaking out of the crowd in the romance genre, according to their publishing companies. In honor of Utah Book Month, here are five up-and-coming romance authors you should read as recommended by Utah publishing companies, Cedar Fort and Covenant Communications.

Lauren Winder Farnsworth, a South Jordan resident, released her first book, “Keeping Kate,” in January this year. The first novel was a new take on “Jane Eyre.” Her next novel, which will be released in March 2016, takes on a fairytale in “Catching Lucas Riley.””

Utah Valley 360, August 31, 2015 (full list here)


Reviews of Chasing Red

“I didn’t realize there was a mystery, of sorts, looming on the horizon until the culmination of events, but it really added that extra sprinkle of sugar to the top of a fun and entertaining story. I love the way it all ends and really enjoyed my time with these characters in New York City. This author is quickly becoming a favorite for these modern re-tellings and I can’t wait for more.

Katie’s Clean Book Collection (full review here)


“A thoroughly enjoyable story for sweet contemporary romance and LDS romance readers! I also loved how much these characters literally popped off the page for me…I really enjoyed this one. The characters, setting, and twists in the story kept me reading and the ending was perfect. Overall, an very enjoyable read!

– Wishful Endings (full review here)


“At first, this book may seem like a fluffy romance, but as you go along you get hints of something more going on until by the end you have a full blown, behind the scenes mystery.  Everything and everyone are definitely NOT as they seem.  It was so fun!  I really enjoyed this book.”

– Getting Your Read On (full review here)


“The ending is absolutely amazing and it blew me away! 5 out of 5 stars.  Lauren has another win on her hands!”

– Min Reads and Reviews (full review here)


“The plot of this one is great! I loved that it’s basically a light romance, but there are some parts near the end that I didn’t see coming. At. All. I was kept guessing throughout the whole book as to just what would happen, and I really loved it!

This is a cute book, once you start reading you won’t want to stop until you’ve read the whole thing! I know I didn’t!”

– My Book A Day (full review here)


“Ryder is a fun character who has made me smile from the first page. I’ve also found her experiences in reaching New York fun to read about, both the good ones and the bad ones.  The other characters are also all really interesting as well, especially Ryder’s roommate, Lily.

All in all a great contemporary read that I highly recommend to those who enjoy clean romance with some great plot twists.”

– LDS and Lovin’ It (full review here)


“I enjoyed getting to know Ryder and her friends. She had some great interactions with each one of them. She was brave heading to New York by herself. Some of her adjustments to life in the big city were humorous. I was engrossed in her story and enjoyed the twists and turns along the way to a satisfying ending! This is the third book I’ve read by this author and I have enjoyed them all. I’m looking forward to reading more from her in the future!”

– Mel’s Shelves (full review here)


“Chasing Red is a very entertaining read. I was somewhat taken in by Damian and his charm (who wouldn’t want to catch the attention of a gorgeous, successful man?), but I did have some concerns about him. I really liked Ryder’s roommate, Lily. What a funny, quirky girl, who was really a blessing to Ryder. The relationship Ryder and her dad had was great and I liked how the story worked on repairing relationships that weren’t so great. I’m glad Ryder held true to her convictions although I worried a few times.

I loved the inclusion of accounting in this story. I just took business law and accounting classes, and it was fun to see aspects of those classes included in the story.

Chasing Red is clean and a book I’d read again.”

– Andrea, Literary Time Out (full review here)


“Let me just start by saying I loved this story, and by the end I was satisfied with how it all turned out and I didn’t feel I wasted my time reading it. Oh, but during the reading I was filled with … AH… moments!

I would definitely read more from this author, I’ll just make sure I have my non-anxious books to break up the tension for me.”

– Tarah, Literary Time Out (full review here)


“A fun, engaging, and funny read, Farnsworth draws readers into her Little Red Riding Hood retelling from page one.  The story keeps readers attached and wanting to read more to find out what will happen next in the relationship of the main character Ryder and her boyfriend Damian Wolfe.  A fun and sweet romance, readers will not want to put this exciting read down.”

Singing Librarian Books (full review here)


Reviews of Catching Lucas Riley

Catching Lucas Riley by Lauren Winder Farnsworth is a delightful, clean romance adept at capturing readers and holding them till the very last page. Farnsworth does a great job of alluding to “The Little Mermaid” by Hans Christian Andersen without letting the original story overshadow her own retelling.

Farnsworth’s characters are witty with complexities that keep the story interesting. Accompanied by her excellent choice of situational humor, the book provides frequent laugh-out-loud moments.

The ease with which Farnsworth narrates is perhaps the best part of the book. Her writing never gets in the way of telling the story. It’s a pleasure to read. Readers who loved “Edenbrooke” by Julianne Donaldson will find in “Catching Lucas Riley” a contemporary but similarly paced book packed with humor and romance.”

– Miranda H. Lotz, Deseret News (full review here)


“Readers are sure to enjoy the banter, sarcasm, humor and friendship between these characters as well as the sweet romance.”

Wishful Endings (full review here)


“I loved the whole love story in this one and I really enjoyed the ending! This was a fun, cute book that I didn’t want to put down!”

– My Book A Day (full review here)


“This book was unexpected. I don’t know how else to explain what I thought of it. Unexpected is a good word.”

– Bookworm Lisa (full review here)


“Once I started reading this book, I had a hard time putting it down. …The characters are fun to get know, the plot moves quickly, I laughed frequently, and there are some twists along the way to a great ending! If you enjoy clean contemporary romance, this is a great choice. This is the second book I’ve read by this author and am happy to say that I enjoyed them both, so I’m definitely looking forward to her next one!”

– Mel’s Shelves (full review here)


“From page one readers will be enraptured with Lauren Winder Farnsworth’s delightfully entertaining and humorous novel.  A light and fairly quick read, this book, taking a twist on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale The Little Mermaid, is well-written and entertaining throughout the entire novel.  It is one of those stories that leaves you with a warm fuzzy feeling and grinning from ear to ear.”

– Singing Librarian Books (full review here)


“This one has a great ending! I predicted early on where this was headed and ended up happy with how things worked out. Although predictable this was still enjoyable because the journey from point A to point B had more twists and turns than what I expected.”

– I Am A Reader (full review here)


“I found myself cringing with embarrassment in places, as well as laughing out loud in others. My heart was even in danger of shattering a time or two. This book had me reading all day long–I couldn’t put it down, as I was dying to know how it would all work out. This is such a unique and fun way to re-tell The Little Mermaid and I adored it!”

– Katie’s Clean Book Collection (full review here)


“When I began reading this book I hadn’t realized that all the characters in this story were young adult college age kids. Being in my 30s, I wasn’t sure if I would like or relate to the characters. I was definitely wrong!! This was such a fun, romantic story with a major twist towards the end–I didn’t even see it coming! I thought the story was well written and I can’t wait to read more from this author.”

– EmpowerMoms (full review here)


“Lauren’s books are always enjoyable.  KEEPING KATE was more serious than CATCHING LUCAS RILEY, but it showed me the great range in Lauren’s writing. Her characters are written well, great page-turning plots, and have great life lessons.  … I can’t go into too much detail without spoilers, but know you are in for a clean, fun book with humor and heart.  I was laughing out loud in so many parts.  The whole book is witty and fun.”

– Min Reads and Reviews (full review here)


“Catching Lucas Riley is one of those fun books that you can pick up, read, and lose yourself in for a few hours. That’s exactly what I did!”

– Why Not? Because I Said So! (full review here)


Reviews of Keeping Kate

Library Journal starred review:

“Kate Evans never dreamed she would land on millionaire Tyler Thorne’s ranch as nanny to his daughter Addie. Her wish for a family of her own comes true as she and Tyler fall in love. But her plans unravel and she runs. Hiding in Boston, she begins a life with new friends. Reunited with her Uncle Jack, they begin to form a tentative relationship—finally someone she can turn to for advice and support—but when she confides in him, he encourages her to look closely at how fiercely she tries to control every aspect of her life, not really living at all…Lovers of Charlotte Brontë’s Jane Eyre will thoroughly enjoy this modern version of the beloved classic and root for Kate to find her true love.” —Jane Blue, Andrews P.L., NC, Library Journal (starred review)


“University of Utah graduate Farnsworth’s novel is a delightful, inventive retelling of the beloved classic “Jane Eyre.” Farnsworth follows the original text quite closely, and yet at the same time adds creative twists and masterfully adapts it to a Latter-day Saints background. The novel follows themes from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and characters who are members of the church. There are no instances of violence, strong language or sexual content, making this a fun family read that also inspires meaningful discussions on how to deal with loss, disappointment and faith. …Farnsworth’s debut proves to be a witty, fun read that is great for fans of retellings and cute chick-lit stories.”

– Danica Baird, Deseret News (full review here)


“I have read several modern versions of classics and Farnsworth’s is by far not only the best but my favorite. “Keeping Kate” has enough merit to stand enough on its own without “Jane Eyre” to hold it up or to draw people in. I genuinely look forward to whatever Farnsworth may write in the future as it is sure to be of good quality and entertaining.”

– Brittany Wilkerson, Uintah Basin Standard (full review here)


“I enjoyed the character of Kate, she’s spunky and I really loved how she stays true to herself and her convictions throughout the whole book, even when faced with opposition from the little bit of family she had and friends she made along the way … When I finished reading this one, I was left wanting more. I really hope that Lauren Farnsworth is planning to keep writing!”

My Book A Day (full review here)


“There are complications and drama in this book which kept me turning the pages quickly. I liked that the author kept the hard decisions to be made realistic and things didn’t happen instantaneously. I had to stay up late one night to finish since I needed to know how it all ended and I’m glad I did–I loved the ending! …This is an author I look forward to reading more of in the future!”

Mel’s Shelves (full review here)


“It was an enjoyable read, although more enjoyable for me during the second half of the book when the story felt more original. I liked the characters and the writing was fabulous. I think that if you haven’t read Jane Eyre and you love reading LDS romance then you’ll really enjoy this one.”

Wishful Endings (full review here)


“This romantic twist is filled with sparks, humor, romance, and a Jane Eyre feel. LOVED IT! A WONDERFUL read!”

I Love To Read And Review Books (full review here)


“I like that the story line was a lot like the classic, yet the author made the story her own by adding her own touch. She did a fabulous job of developing the characters and giving them depth…I look forward to reading the next book by this new voice in fiction!”

Inklings and Notions (full review here)


“Every so often I find myself wonderfully intrigued by a debut novelist, to the brink that I know I will be following their writerly pursuits for as long as they continue to pen stories … Farnsworth is the newest author who simply had this book blogger’s heart at ‘hallo!’ …Farnsworth is definitely a writer who has either a Classical Lit heart or she has managed to capture the spirit of the Classical Authors we’ve all come to love … this is a novel I am over the moon delighted in having discovered! How blessed we are that Farnsworth chose to write it?!”

Jorie Loves A Story (full review here)


“For a character that started out so unemotional, Kate becomes an emotional mess as she navigates for the first time the drama and heartbreak of romantic relationships. The friends she makes that support her through these turbulent times are quirky and likeable, and add more depth to Kate’s new experience of friendship and loyalty.”

Heidi Reads… (full review here)


“Keeping Kate is an LDS novel written by Lauren Winder Farnsworth that’s hard to put down. Like, it’s 2 AM and my newborn is sleeping so I should probably go to bed but for the love of all that is holy, I need to find out what happens next, good!”

Lucky Twenty-Eight (full review here)


“I was also glad that the author didn’t let that back story be the whole focus of the book. The glimpses into her life, told by Kate to others, was perfect. I thought Kate was amazing. A little stubborn at times, but that is what made her enduring.”

Min Reads and Reviews (full review here)


“There were enough similarities to Jane Eyre that I knew kind of where the story was going, but there were enough differences and changes to keep me enthralled with the story. I had a really hard time putting this one down, even though I pretty much knew how the story was going to end, getting there was a really intense journey … That’s a sign of a good writer when they draw in the reader even when following an already well known path (similar path) … Overall, a fabulous new clean romance for my favorites shelf!”

LDS and Lovin’ It (full review here)


“The relationships were all complicated; the characters were flawed; the story was full of assumptions and misunderstandings, yet it worked.”

Katie’s Clean Book Collection (full review here)


“Keeping Kate is definitely a page turner, with beautifully lived faith, emotional emotions, fantastic settings, entertaining banter, worrisome problems, real life family reality issues, and a beautiful love story. This book makes the reader realize how important communication is, and fighting for the one you love.

Trust me, Keeping Kate is a debut that you do not want to miss!”

Wonderous Reviews  (full review here)

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