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Welcome to my newly-minted author website! This is an entirely unfamiliar experience for me, and one that I’m not all that sure I’ll be good at. So…you’ve been warned. You can read a general statement about my origins, likes, and dislikes on the “About the Author” page, but I thought I’d give a little bit more color (’cause, hey, who doesn’t like random, unsolicited details?) on who I am, what I’m doing, and how Keeping Kate came about.

I grew up in South Jordan, Utah. My parents were (are) very loving, supportive people and allowed me, from a young age, to waste reams of construction paper in crafting picture storybooks (although admittedly, in those days I preferred drawing the pictures to the actual story-writing). I handed out these stories to the public at large and with reckless abandon. In fact, when my sweet Grandpa Winder passed away last year, in his personal belongings we found one of my early childhood gifts–I believe it was a story about grandparents who held a sleepover for their grandchildren (I must have been hinting at something–I was apparently very wily back then).

I continued writing creatively all the way through school and into college, just as a hobby. As my chosen field was accounting (which is widely-acknowledged to be the most boring field in existence), my creative outlet became my passion for crafting stories of strong, beautiful, empowered women and their handsome, intelligent, insightful love interests. Finally, my cousin Ali, who has saved my bacon more than once in my writing crusades, gently pointed out that all my heroines seemed to possess the same characteristic–perfection. She recommended that I try writing about someone a little more human, as audiences would relate better to such a heroine. Her suggestion reminded me of one of my favorite books, Jane Eyre, in which we as readers are continuously bombarded with all the reasons why the heroine and her lover aren’t perfect. Ali’s suggestion inspired me, and Keeping Kate was born.

I began writing the book during grad school, in 2008. However, real life caught up with me in a hurry, and I took a break from writing in 2009 to sit for the CPA exam and to get a jump-start on my career. Once I had secured a roof over my head and the ability to eat on a regular basis, I picked up the book again and finally finished it in 2011. I finally worked up the courage to submit the novel for publication in February of 2014 (again, thanks to some prodding from Ali–now that I think about it, she should probably get her name on the book cover instead of me). Cedar Fort Publishing took pity on me, and…here we are.

I currently am only moonlighting as a writer, given that my day job is still one of financial reports, reconciliations, and staff meetings, but that moonlight is pretty dang bright. I’m kind of “moth”-ing my way towards it, to be quite honest. I’m already dreaming up new stories, new characters, and new adventures. Hopefully I’ll get them all down on paper sometime. In the meantime, thanks for reading…both this post and my book (’cause I would really love it if you’d read the book too). I am surrounded by so many loving and supportive people and I feel so blessed.

I am happy (I’d be thrilled, actually) to answer questions, read comments, peruse suggestions, etc, so please don’t hesitate to contact me (just push that little “Contact” button up at the top of the page if you feel so inclined). Hey, even if you’d like to vent about your latest math test or that clueless boyfriend, I’m hear to help. Hit me up.

Happy reading!

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